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What is expected of the organizations that receive volunteers?
The partner organizations are expected to define tasks and a work plan as well as to coordinate the work of the volunteers. In addition, they must assign an employee of the organization (tutor) to guide the volunteers, especially at the beginning. It is very important that each volunteer has a contact person in his or her organization and is informed about important activities or events that are planned at the organizational level.

It is also important that during the first days of the volunteer’s arrival, a meeting is planned with all the organization’s staff, in which the volunteer is introduced and the work of the organization and the functions of each person are explained.

In the case of an organization with several areas of work, it is desirable that the young person has the opportunity to get to know these areas as well, even if his or her main work is in a specific area. In the case of cooperatives or NGOs, it is highly desirable that the volunteers have the possibility of going out to the field and to communities to get to know the reality of the people for whom the work is done, as well as to participate in the field work.

We also expect the partner organizations to participate in Ecoselva seminars during the volunteers’ stay.

In some cases we also expect the support of the organizations in identifying and finding accommodation for the volunteers. In the case of the Dominican Republic, volunteers will stay exclusively with host families, preferably Dominican.