Arrival in the Dominican Republic

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The excitement reached its peak when our North-South volunteers finally arrived in the Dominican Republic. Here they were warmly welcomed by our country coordinator, Nikaulis. Nikaulis, who is an indispensable resource for our volunteers on the ground, ensured a smooth transition and gave them their first glimpse of life in the Dominican Republic.

On-site training:
Our volunteers completed another 5-day on-site seminar. This seminar provided an opportunity to deepen the knowledge they had acquired and prepare for the challenges ahead. It was a time of learning, sharing and growth.

Meeting with partners:
One of the highlights of the seminar was the opportunity to meet our partner organizations in person. Our volunteers gained insight into the work and missions of the organizations where they would be serving in the coming months. These meetings created a strong foundation for cooperation and understanding between the volunteers and their mission sites.

Visit to the German Embassy in Santo Domingo:
Another highlight during their stay in the Dominican Republic was the visit to the German Embassy in Santo Domingo. This experience allowed our volunteers to gain insight into the diplomatic relations between Germany and the Dominican Republic and to learn more about the work of the Embassy.

With this intensive on-site preparation seminar, our volunteers not only developed their skills and knowledge, but also built valuable relationships. They are now ready to throw themselves fully into their places of assignment and make a lasting contribution.

Our appreciation and support continue to go out to our dedicated volunteers. We look forward to hearing their adventures, experiences and stories in the months ahead.