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Rainforest conservation and environmental protection
Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
Awareness raising and behavioral change
Improvement of economic and social living conditions

Association for the promotion of rainforest and biodiversity conservation

Our Work

The main objective of Ecoselva is to contribute to the protection of the rainforest and the environment. These contributions are to consist primarily of awareness-raising and behavioral change both in the project regions and in public relations work in Germany. The concrete project work should also lead to an improvement in the economic and social living conditions of the target groups.


Preparing for the adventure: voluntary service in Peru and India

Our volunteers have been preparing for an unforgettable adventure – a year of service to the communities in Peru and India. But before they started their journey, an intensive preparatory seminar was on the agenda. This seminar not only sharpened their skills and knowledge, but also laid the foundation for

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Arrival in the Dominican Republic

The excitement reached its peak when our North-South volunteers finally arrived in the Dominican Republic. Here they were warmly welcomed by our country coordinator, Nikaulis. Nikaulis, who is an indispensable resource for our volunteers on the ground, ensured a smooth transition and gave them their first glimpse of life in

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