South-North Volunteer Year 2023/2024 – The Preparatory Seminar in Altena

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On September 1, an exciting chapter began for our South-North volunteers in Germany. They will be doing voluntary service here for a year in various locations as part of the BMZ’s South-North weltwärts program. They are currently taking part in the introductory seminar, which is being held in Altena. Under the guidance of coordinator Claudia and other team members, they will not only get to know the German culture during the next 10 days, but also make international friends and gain insights into different cultures.

A journey of cultures: During the introductory seminar, the volunteers from Peru, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala will have the opportunity to experience German culture first hand. But this seminar offers more than just cultural exchange. It also creates a platform for international friendships and the exchange of experiences and perspectives.

Highlight: Ritterburg Altena: A special highlight of the seminar will be the excursion to Ritterburg Altena. Here, the volunteers will take a “knight’s test” that will not only be fun, but will also strengthen their team spirit and give them unforgettable memories.

Preparation for the year in Germany: In addition to cultural exchange, practical topics are also on the seminar schedule. Volunteers receive German lessons to improve their language skills and learn how to get around in Germany. They learn more about the importance of volunteer service and how to find their way in their new environment. German holidays and traditions are also addressed to help them integrate holistically.

Living in host families and engaging in Germany: During their stay in Germany, volunteers will live in host families, which is a unique opportunity to experience the German culture and way of life up close. Their work will take them to different areas, including botanical gardens and facilities for people with disabilities. They are ready to contribute and learn from the ensemble sites.

With this introductory seminar, our volunteers are well prepared for their exciting year in Germany. We look forward to their adventures, experiences and stories they will gather in the coming months!