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Working with volunteers:
North-South Program

Ecoselva sends young volunteers for a year to the Dominican Republic, India and Peru.

In India we work with 4 partner organizations in the areas of education and environmental protection, sustainable tourism, language classes and sports.

Most of the young people are high school graduates between the ages of 18 and 28. Some of them have already completed university studies or vocational training. At the time of their arrival in India, most have a good level of English and some are fluent in French.

A great advantage of working with the German youth is their good level of knowledge, commitment and awareness of environmental issues.

We are looking for volunteer positions where they can support environmental education and environmental protection activities as well as support the local population in their community and agricultural work, in teaching English or German in schools, high schools and universities.

Ecoselva prepares the young people for their stay abroad in a 10-day seminar in Germany. This preparation consists of informing the young people about living and working conditions in the destination country, as well as basic health care and medical safety.

During their volunteer year, they also participate in an introductory seminar upon arrival and an intermediate seminar. They are also visited by Ecoselva at their place of work as a form of monitoring. In case of work and personal situations, which the young people cannot solve on their own, they are accompanied by national mentors and in some cases by local mentors, as in India. 

The costs of transportation, lodging, food, allowance and medical insurance for the young people are fully covered by the program.


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