Our preparation for the volunteer service in the Dominican Republic

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Our North-South volunteers have been preparing for an unforgettable adventure – a whole year in the Dominican Republic to do voluntary service with the Ecoselva association as part of the BMZ Weltwärts program. But before they set off on their journey, an intensive preparatory seminar was on the agenda. In the idyllic youth hostel Lauterbach, better known as the “Urwald Life Camp”, they spent 10 days full of intercultural programs and fun. Let’s take a look at their preparation trip.

Intercultural exchange at Lauterbach Youth Hostel: Lauterbach Youth Hostel was the perfect place for our volunteers to get in the mood for their upcoming adventure. Here they met like-minded people, made friends and deepened their knowledge about the Dominican Republic. Intercultural programs helped deepen their understanding of the local culture and people.

10 days that changed everything: During the seminar, our volunteers were sent on a journey that was both educational and fun. Not only did they learn the basics for their assignment in the Dominican Republic, but they also experienced the importance of teamwork and cohesion. A community was formed here that will be invaluable for the coming year.

The Art of Intercultural Understanding: One of the main focuses of the preparation seminar was intercultural understanding. Our volunteers learned the importance of respecting cultural differences and adapting to their host families’ way of life. This will not only strengthen their ability to work together, but also broaden their perspective on the world.

Living with Host Families: During their stay in the Dominican Republic, our volunteers will live with host families. This experience will not only enhance their intercultural skills, but will also provide a deep insight into everyday local life. There will be moments of challenge, but also moments of happiness and realization.

A call for change: our volunteers are not only travelers, but also ambassadors of change. They are ready to use their knowledge and energy for a better world. We are confident that with great commitment and heart, they will bring positive change to the communities in which they will work.

We would like to wish our volunteers all the best for their exciting year in the Dominican Republic. May the experience be fulfilling and educational, and may they have a lasting impact on the world. We will be with them every step of the way and are always available for questions and support.

We are proud of you, dear North-South volunteers, and we look forward to hearing your stories of your journey of change.