Preparing for the adventure: voluntary service in Peru and India

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Our volunteers have been preparing for an unforgettable adventure – a year of service to the communities in Peru and India. But before they started their journey, an intensive preparatory seminar was on the agenda. This seminar not only sharpened their skills and knowledge, but also laid the foundation for friendships and collaboration. Here we take a look at their journey of preparation.

Preparing for two countries: the seminar was attended by young adults who chose both Peru and India for their volunteer service. Although the countries and cultures are different, we intentionally integrated both groups into one preparation seminar. This decision not only strengthened the bonds within their own group, but also promoted exchange between the volunteers who went to different parts of the world.

The importance of intercultural exchange: The preparatory seminar not only offered the opportunity to be prepared for the challenges of service, but also the chance to prepare for intercultural exchange. In Peru and India, our volunteers will live in shared apartments or directly with partner organizations, rather than with host families. Therefore, one focus was on understanding and working with the local partner organizations.

On a journey of discovery in Peru and India: Part of the seminar provides for the volunteers to get to know the partner organizations in Germany. Here they gained valuable insights into their work and missions. This preparation in Germany helped them to prepare for their future tasks and to better understand their role in the missions.

Journey together to return: The preparation seminar was not only the start of their journey, but also the prelude to adventures to come. Our volunteers will return after their year of service for a joint returnee seminar. Here they will have the opportunity to share their experiences and stories, not only with their own groups, but also with those who have gone to other countries. These moments of exchange will certainly help to deepen friendships and broaden understanding of the world.

With this intensive preparation seminar and their determination, our volunteers are now ready to begin their year. We are proud of them and look forward to hearing their stories of their journey of personal transformation.

And remember, we are ambassadors of our own story :).